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What do you know about the number 8?

According to Pythagoras, our world is built on the power of numbers. Indeed, numbers surround us wherever we are. But hardly any of us thought about what information these figures contain. Meanwhile, even ancient people came to the conclusion that numbers conceal in themselves something more important than simply quantitative or ordinal designations.

As you know, Pythagoras, his students and followers reduced all numbers to digits from 1 to 9 inclusive, since they are the starting numbers from which all others can be obtained. It is this system of simplified numerical code that modern numerology, the science of the hidden meaning of numbers, has adopted.


Someone considers this stupidity and prejudice, but someone knows for sure that a certain set of numbers promises him good and is looking for as many contacts with the cherished numbers as possible.

1. What does the number 8 mean?

According to Pythagoras, the number 8 is a symbol of harmony, a sacred number that also means three-dimensionality and stability. This number has long been associated with divine justice or with the symbol of the inevitability of fate. That is why in astrology, the number 8 symbolizes the planet Saturn, which is also called the planet of Destiny.

That is why in astrology, the number 8 symbolizes the planet Saturn, which is also called the planet of Destiny

In 1533, in the work Occult Philosophy, Cornelius Agrippa called the number 8 - the number of material success, financial well-being, prosperity and abundance, thereby awarding the number 8 with the honorary title of the monetary figure itself. In addition, the number 8 means reliability, perfected, because it is represented by a double square. Divided in half, it has equal parts 4 and 4. If it is still divided, then the parts will also be equal to 2, 2, 2, 2, showing a fourfold equilibrium.

In the inverted form, the number 8 represents the sign of infinity, which symbolizes two worlds - material and spiritual.

2. Number 8 as a birthday number

Number 8 as a birthday number

For each of us, say numerologists, there is a kind of magic numeric sign. One such sign is the birthday number. This number is obtained by adding the number, month and digits of the year until, in the end, you get one single digit.

So, as the birthday number is 8, it is business, enterprise, fearlessness in all spheres and areas of life, especially in commerce and industry. People whose birthday is 8, strive only forward and, as a rule, successfully implement their plans, intentions and plans. It affects their will and strong character, the ability not to spare neither themselves nor others. And resistance, obstacles, opponents only whip up, increase their energy and performance. These people have rare administrative abilities, the ability to manage teams, carrying people along with them. This is especially evident in the field of politics, in the military field, in the business world, where they can be cruel and merciless. They judge people, select friends for themselves according to their wealth and position in society.

People whose birthday is 8, are able to enjoy their achievements and experience satisfaction when they reach their intended goal. In most cases, they are lucky, as they intuitively grasp the profitable opportunities and have the courage to take responsibility. In life, they will face recognition, material well-being, but success will not be complete without spiritual growth, expansion of consciousness, without the realization that power is primarily responsibility, a duty to others.

3. The number 8 as the number of the name

In numerology, each name has its own vibrating number, obtained by translating the letters of the name into numbers. The number of a name is an expression of a developed human personality and the key to his aspirations or achievements. It should either merge with or adapt to the birthday number. Here's how to translate the letters of a name into numbers:





As with the number of the birthday, here it is necessary to harmonize all the digits of the name until, as a result, one single digit is obtained.

As the number of the name 8 favors activities in the field of significant, major affairs, foreshadowing material wealth. Finishing successfully one thing, people with a name number of 8 are immediately taken for the next. Often the benefit and benefit, as social and material success, they bring fascination with forgotten teachings, abandoned enterprises that have served their methods, etc. etc. But they must abandon trifles and details, transferring this work to others, and themselves speaking only by and large.

The main thing that distinguishes these people is a strong will and a pronounced personality. From the outside, they may seem detached and cold, but this is not always the case, hot feelings are hidden under this shell.

Owners of the number 8 in their own name are characterized by wisdom, balance, practicality in making any decisions. These are extraordinary individuals who always and everywhere strive for abundance and prosperity. They are not satisfied with any results, they only need tops. They are weak in the development of details: they should entrust this work to others, but they themselves should develop only the basic ideas that are actually doomed to success.

People of number 8 are either big lucky or bitter losers - in their case, there seems to be no middle ground. If they are ambitious, they try to manifest themselves in public life or in government posts and often achieve a rather high position, but it costs them a lot of money.

4. Colors and stones of the number 8

The lucky colors for people born under the sign 8 are all shades of dark gray, black, navy blue and purple, and the lucky stones for them are amethyst and dark sapphire, black pearls and black diamonds.

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5. Interpretation of the numbers 8

In Judaism, the number 8 is a perfect understanding, "the number of the Lord." In Christianity, the number 8 means restoration and rebirth, and in the Bible it is the number of fullness and is associated with a new beginning - the beginning of a new life, a new era. In Islam, the throne that rules the world is supported by 8 angels corresponding to 8 directions and 8 letters of the Arabic alphabet. In Buddhism, the number 8 is the completeness, the totality of all possibilities, and the main symbol of Buddhism is the 8-spoke wheel. In Hinduism, 88 means the order of the heavenly world established on earth, and the structure of temples reproduces the same symbolism.

In China, the number 8 is the basis of the world order: eight heavenly pillars and eight countries of the world; eight cosmic mountains; eight doors for eight rain clouds and eight winds; eight trigrams; eight characters of an enlightened person; eight symbols of immortality; eight symbols of Confucianism and medical signs. The Egyptians considered the number 8 as the number of the cosmic order, in Greece this number was dedicated to Dionysus, and in Japan the number 8 means a lot or a plurality.

6. Interesting facts related to the number 8

in modern personal computers, 1 byte is equal to 8 bits;

the atomic number of oxygen is 8;

there are 8 planets in the solar system;

there are 8 musicians in an octet;

all arachnids have 8 legs;

the eighth zodiac sign is Scorpio;

the eighth musical interval - an octave;

the Beijing Summer Olympics began on August 8, 2008 at 8 hours, 8 minutes and 8 seconds;

in mathematics, a curve that looks like a figure of eight is called Lemniskata Bernoulli (from the Greek. lemniskos - bandage, tape);

in Hiroshima there is an octagonal building in which there are statues of eight sages of the world, which symbolizes the innumerable forms of wisdom that governs spiritual tension and search.

7. The humor associated with the number 8

First-grader asks math dad:

- Dad, you know, I've forgotten how the eight is written.

- Well, daughter, it's just - turn the infinity sign on Pi in half.

Summarizing this article on the magic of number 8, I want to heartily congratulate all women on the holiday of Spring on March 8, and also note that the eight can be safely called the most “feminine” of all the numbers, since its silhouette resembles an hourglass, which in turn, are associated with a beautiful female figure. As one of the designers said, “Eight is a symbol of femininity elevated to infinity.”



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Author: Andrey Kotov source: http://mlm2all.com/interesno/magiya-chisla-8.html

1. What does the number 8 mean?